Blessing Families In Need.


A Good Shepherd, Inc. is always looking for community leaders, businesses and other organizations to partner with. If you are interested in becoming a partner with us, please contact us by submitting the form on our Contact Us page.

Current Partners
Beloveth Worldwide Ministries Graphic Visions
Partnership opportunities:

A Good Shepherd, Inc. is grateful for the support of our donors.

Mr. & Mrs. Joan D.
Ms. Jean M.
Mr. Paul H.
Mr. Kenneth S.
Mr. & Mrs. Alan W.
Mr. & Mrs. George B.
Mr. Thomas T.
Mr. Surapong S.
Mr. Christopher M.
Mr. Jose C.
Mr. Luigi F.
Mr. Leo J.
Mr. Roland H.
Ms. Rose O.
Mr. Tianwei L.
Ms. Raithel N.
Ms. Leslie C.
Mr. Thomas L.
Mr. Yuri R.
Mr. Ian S.
Mr. Swapna M.
Mr. Didi M.
Mrs. Karyn S.
Mr. Kamron W.
Ms. Cathy M. – DVA Architects
Mr. Barry B.
Ms. Diana L.


Sponsors are financial donors and donors of material items. A financial donation can be made using the “Donate” button on the top of each page or by contacting us with a long-term commitment. We accept donations of excess inventory, clothes, electronic equipment, office supplies and other items that can be recycled or reused to support our Vehicle Ownership program.


We are seeking among others, volunteer mechanics, car enthusiasts, referral agencies, garages, staffers, grant writers, towing companies and other related agencies.

501(c)(3) Charity Non-Profit Organization. Your donation is tax deductible.